Using Educational Games to Teach The Kenya Sign Language. 

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The delivery of formal education has seen major evolutions, especially with the fast adoption of technology and recently the COVID-19 pandemic.  The integration of elements of games in education is one of the major transformations in education.  More teachers and institutions are adopting gamification of various elements of education. Educational games are now an integral part of the learning process. They convert various learning concepts that some kids find hard to comprehend into fun and irresistible activities. At Usiku Games, we’re dedicated to making learning fun, the main reason we built Tizi Games, a mobile game platform that will turn any smartphone into a fun, interactive classroom. One of the new games on the platform is the Tizi Sign Language Game. 

Tizi Sign Language Game 
Tizi Sign Language Game

Tizi Sign Language Game

The Kenya Sign Language has now been introduced as a 2nd language subject in all schools in Kenya, equal to Swahili and French. But how can children learn this new language and have fun at the same time? Our solution for this was to design and develop the Tizi Sign Language Game. The game is structured in a way that players learn different areas of Kenyan sign language, just like they would in a classroom. Each section has a series of minigames, designed to teach the learning topic in a fun and interactive way. 

Denis was the game producer in charge of this project and he had an opportunity to present it in the Pocket Gamer: The Mobile Games Industry Conference Online. Here is his presentation titled: Gamifying Sign Language: Using Educational Games to Teach KSL in Kenya. 


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