Usiku Africa is an exciting new nightly destination for fun live events, games, and shows to keep you entertained. Starting with a series of trivia, news and word games where you can win cash prizes direct to your M-PESA every night.

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At Usiku Games, we’re not just creating the next generation of mobile games that are relevant and interesting to today’s African youth, we’re actually creating an entire movement around #GamingForGood – finding ways to use gamification to make a positive social impact in our communities.
Never be bored again! Whether you are waiting for a friend, stuck in traffic in a matatu, or chilling in the evening, Usiku Games will challenge your brain and make you smile. With so many different types of games to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Beat A BodaBoda

So you think you know your facts? Every answer you get right supercharges your motor racing you towards the finish line.

Okoa Simba

Poachers are on the loose! Earn points & money by gathering pairs of animals to help set the lion free.