Everyone has a favourite game. Whether it’s a classic like Ms. Pacman, a family board game like Monopoly, or something more intense like PUBG, games bring us all together. They create fun times, and shared stories. But we believe that games can do a lot more than that too.

At Usiku Games, we’re harnessing the power gamification to create joy for our players, but also to create positive social impacts in communities across Africa. With more than 350 million connected smartphones already active in Africa (more than in all of the United States, Canada and Mexico combined!) we believe that our phones are the best way to reach today’s youth. Dry mission driven communications programs rarely move the needle though, but by adding the element of fun and creating incentives for positive behavioral nudges now you’re talking powerful.

All of our games are specifically designed to be:


Relevant and reflective of African life and culture


Non-Violent (there are no guns in any of our games)


Gender Inclusive (globally more women play mobile games than men)


Educational (either through cognitive reasoning, or specific topics)

We’re not just building games, we’re building a new industry

We have designed our entire #GamingForGood as a counter-balance to the testosterone driven Sports Betting industry that is sucking $37 Billion annually out of the continent. Our goal is to create a fun, entertaining alternative that still provides that dopamine hit, while also making a positive change in the world.

All around the world video games (and in particular mobile games) are one of the biggest booming industries. They are taking over as a primary creative communication channel for sharing stories, and cultures. However, North America, Europe and Japan all have saturated markets with aging populations. Africa on the other hand has the fastest growing middle class in the world, and several countries (like Kenya) have median ages of just 19. With smartphone penetration growing at 20+% the potential for games on the continent is massive. But… there are almost no local game development studios. That potentially could lead to a generation of gaming colonialism, with Africa’s youth growing up playing Candy Crush, Fortnite and other titles that have little to do with their living environments and culture. We’re addressing that by actively supporting the growth and maturation of the local game development community.

We’re doing this in 3 ways:


The Nairobi Game Development Center

We could easily just build our own small office, decorate it with funky 1970’s hipster paraphernalia and enjoy life. However, we decided to go two steps further: We’re building a 6,000 sqft shared community center and making it open to any of Kenya’s independent / aspiring game developers to come learn, share and create. By incubating potential future competitors, we’re paying-it-forward creating a robust and resilient ecosystem of African game designers, developers, marketers, intellectual property lawyers, etc.


Games From The Slums

Our first game studio was right in the heart of Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums. We learned that there are people with incredible talent and drive living in Kibera (and similar informal settlements all across the continent) for whom “Entrepreneur” isn’t a buzzword, it’s survival. We are committed to hiring, training and investing in our communities, with the goal of changing the perception of the slums from a “destination for charity” to a “valuable source of innovation and pride”.


Positive Role Model

As creators of the first Kenyan game to be published globally (watch out for Okoa Simba coming to a gamer near you…) we believe that Usiku Games can serve as an inspirational role model for tomorrow’s game developers just coming up in Africa. We will continue to share our story and mentor those who aspire to create their own success.

Want to see what it’s all about?

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At Usiku Games, we’re not just creating the next generation of mobile games that are relevant and interesting to today’s African youth, we’re actually creating an entire movement around #GamingForGood – finding ways to use gamification to make a positive social impact in our communities.
Never be bored again! Whether you are waiting for a friend, stuck in traffic in a matatu, or chilling in the evening, Usiku Games will challenge your brain and make you smile. With so many different types of games to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Beat A BodaBoda

So you think you know your facts? Every answer you get right supercharges your motor racing you towards the finish line.

Okoa Simba

Poachers are on the loose! Earn points & money by gathering pairs of animals to help set the lion free.