Blockchain Gaming in Africa: The Future of Gaming in Africa

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The gaming industry has never stayed the same for long. The industry has to be the biggest adopter of any new technological advancement. Game developers are always looking for new ways to implement any new technology, whether it is into the game mechanics, gameplay, or the actual development of the games. The latest trend in gaming is the adoption of blockchain technology. The result is blockchain gaming, which is the future of gaming.  Blockchain technology has opened new ways to monetize gaming and reward players. Players can earn in-game assets based on blockchain technology that is of value in form of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

Africa has always been the leader in the adoption of blockchain technology. The region is adopting blockchain and cryptocurrencies faster than the rest of the world. Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and South Africa are ranked in the top 20 countries in the adoption of crut crypto as per the 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index. Without fail, some gaming studios in Africa, with Usiku Games leading the way, are looking at different ways to implement blockchain technology in gaming personalized to this market.

Our CEO, Jay Shapiro, was part of a panel at Blockchain Africa Conference 2022 discussing Blockchain in Gaming in Africa. It was an extensive panel that included James Zhang, Tessy Mosindi, Cordel Robbin-Coker, Jackson Vaughan, and Yele Bademosi.  Watch the full session here.


Jay Shapiro was also a guest on the YWhales: Business People Talking the Business of Crypto podcast. He shed a light on what and how the blockchain industry is like in Africa and talked about our play-to-earn platform.  In this episode, Jay discusses how Africa is a fertile ground for blockchain business and how it is making a difference. Listen to the full episode here-


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