Our Team

Living in the slums, the words “entrepreneurship” and “innovation” aren’t just business jargon they’re survival. In most cases, if you want a job, you go make one. When we started Usiku Africa, we were blown away by the amount of incredibly talented, driven, reliable people we met living in places like Kibera, Kangemi and Likoni. Historically, these informal settlements have been seen as destinations for charity, but at Usiku our aim is to change that mentality by creating one of Africa’s leading centers of innovation in the heart of Kibera. Here are some of our incredible team who help create the magic at Usiku:

  • Moroko & Blak – Custom soundtracks / hip-hop from Kibera slum
  • Mike – Game Video Producer from Kibera slum
  • Kim – 3D Animations from Likoni slum
  • Phoebe – Sports Games Producer from Ruaka

Join our team! If you have skills in 2D / 3D Design, UnReal Engine game development, Javascript Coding, WordPress, copywriting, or digital marketing, we want to hear from you!